Silicon wafer

    producers and suppliers

producers of single crystal silicon wafers
(Czochralski, Float Zone and  Epitaxial  silicon wafers)


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Alsil Material

Alsil Material  10883 McHarg Court, Parker, Colorado 80134, USA ;

Alsil Material provides semiconductor materials, including silicon (2" to 12" for CZ and 2" to 6" for FZ), GaAs, sapphire, fused silica and SOI (4" to 8" both thin and thick active layer) .  Our aim is to deliver the highest quality material at the most competitive price while providing excellent customer service.  Wafers are manufactured to SEMI Standards or to unique specification to meet customer needs.  We also provide wafer coating, as well as coring for non-standard orientations and diameters.  Our FZ growing process produces the highest quality and ultra pure silicon. 


Atecom Tech. Co.

Atecom Technology Co., Ltd ; ; Atecom Technology Co., Ltd; Taipei, Taiwan
The leading manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor materials in Taipei, Taiwan. The company has a long and well established history in the manufacture of Silicon semiconductor materials such as silicon ingots, silicon raw wafers, diffusion wafers to epitaxy-ready substrates;

Manufacturer and supplier for semiconductor wafers (CZ/MCZ/FZ/NTD/EPI)
Silicon CZ/MCZ/FZ/NTD substrate: Dia : 2"~ 8"; Dopant : Arsenic, (Red) Phosphorus, Antimony, Boron.; Orientation : <111>,<100>, <110>; Resistivity : 0.001~20,000 ohm-cm; Surface : As cut, lapped, etched and polished.

Custom Silicon Wafers (CSW)

Custom Silicon Wafers (CSW)  80 Railroad Ave., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660, USA Custom Silicon Wafers makes, to-order, polished monocrystalline silicon wafers, up to 6" in diameter, specializing in Low TTV and Low Warp wafers, extra-thin and extra-thick wafers and wafers of uncommon crystallographic orientation.


Helitek, Helitek Company Ltd – A Division of Wafer Works Corp. in Taiwan Fremont, CA, USA
Manufacturer of 100mm – 200 mm Prime and Test Grade Silicon Wafers, 150-200 mm Epitaxial Wafers and 2” Sapphire Wafers


ITME, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology Warszawa; Poland


Komatsu Silicon USA, Inc., San Jose, USA; Komatsu Silicon America, Inc., Hillsboro, USA


MEMC, St. Peters, Missouri, USA
MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. is the second-largest producer of silicon wafers in the world today ; (CZ, EPI, FZ) 
MEMC Electronic Materials, S.p.A., Viale Gherzi, 31 28100 Novara, Italy  Tel: (39)-321-334-444 Fax: (39)-321-691-000 

Mitsubishi Materials Silicon

Mitsubishi Materials Silicon

Okmetic Ltd

Okmetic Ltd,

Okmetic Inc., 301 Ridgemont Dr, Allen, TX 75002, Phone 972-747-8600, Fax 972-747-8611,


Okmetic manufactures Sensor and Semiconductor wafers and will meet all of your silicon needs.
Crystal growth technology is at the very core of Okmetic’s expertise.

Growth: (Cz, MCz, EPI), Diameter 100-200mm, Type: SSP, DSP, SOI

Orientation: <100,110,111>

Dopant: N-antimony, arsenic, phosphorus, red phosphorus, P- Boron

Resistivity: <0.0015 up to 1,500 ohm-cm

Backside: etched, BSD, poly back, LTO, polished


Polovodice, Prague, Czech Republic

Prolog Semicor, Ltd

Prolog Semicor, Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine
"We produce ingots with diameters of 3, 4, 5, 51/2 or 6 inches in quantities up to 1,000 kg per month.We produce wafers with diameters of 76.2, 100 or 125 mm in quantities of up to 30,000 pcs per month. Our basic wafer parameters meet the SEMI M1 95 standard...."


Semiconductor Materials Division of ShinEtsu Chemical Co., Tokyo, Japan.
The world's largest silicon wafer producer, making single crystal polished, epitaxial, diffused and non-polished wafers, as well as compound semiconductors.
Contact:   Japan/Asia     Europe     Americas

Silicon Crystals Inc.

Silicon Crystals Inc. Rancho Cordova, CA , USA
large diameter CZ

Silicon Materials, Inc

Silicon Materials, Inc  , Glenshaw-USA,    Pinsk-Belarus
Since 1992, Silicon Materials, Inc has been a trusted manufacturer of 2” - 150mm silicon wafers.  In 2014 we expanded our product lines to include 200mm and 300mm, SSP and DSP, CZ and FZ along with thin films and services.  Contact


FR-74160 Archamps France
Siltronix is one of the rare silicon wafer manufacturer with more than 30 years experience. The new Siltronix plant, a 1550m² (17 000 sq .ft.) facility, is situated in the technical park of Archamps, 20 mn away from Geneva international airport.
Our size and know-how allow us maximum reactivity for the full benefit of our industrial and laboratories clients.

SINO-American Silicon Products Inc



TELECOM-STV Company, Limited;   1, Solnechnaya Alleya, Zelenograd, Moscow,  103527, Russia 
(CZ, EPI, no FZ)


Topsil, Frederikssund, Denmark
Topsil is producer of Float Zone Silicon supplied as single crystal or as wafers with cut, lapped, etched or polished surface finish for discrete and opto electronic applications. 


Topsil e-wafers

Ukrontech LLC

Ukrontech LLC; Moscow, Russia, Cabron Composites and Silicon
We produce carbon-carbon composites (UUKM). Production was started in 1989 on the basis of scientific and applied research in manufacturing process of CFC products for electro-thermal furnaces for mono-silicon crystal pulling by CZ-method.

Umicore Semiconductor Processing

Umicore Semiconductor Processing , Olen, Belgium  // Boston, USA
Umicore Semiconductor Processing, part of the Umicore Electro-Optic Materials business unit, Olen, Belgium, manufactures silicon wafers primarily used by MEMS and MST producers worldwide. We also manufacture silicon-on-insulator wafers and germanium wafers. Our facility, a 2000 sq. meter factory, is located in Boston, MA U.S.A. We are ISO 9002 and QS-9000 certified.


Ultrasil Corporation, Hayward, CA, USA
We are specialized in SOI wafers thick film fusion bonding. Also we are producer of silicon wafers single or double side polished, ultraflat any thickness start from 300 um up. We offer services fot slicing any orientation, thickness dia up to 150mm; polishing services; bonding and annealing, thinning, laser cut down and edge grinding uo to 300mm

Virginia Semiconductor Inc.

Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. Fredericksburg, USA
Small diameter (1"-4") silicon wafer and ingot manufacturer. Offering Cz and Fz single or double side polished wafers at any thickness-Ultrathin(TM) membranes 2-4u thin. Custom Cz ingots, and oxidation services optional. Silicon tailored to your specifications! (Fax: +1 540 371 0371)

Wacker Siltronic

Wacker Siltronic, Wacker-Chemie, Burghausen, Germany.
leading producer of  hyperpure silicon wafers with a worldwide market share of approximately 12%

Wafer World Inc.

Wafer World Inc.,West Palm Beach, FLorida, USA
Wafer World Inc. is a leading provider of thin silicon (MEMS), Float Zone and SOI wafers.  Manufacturing is done on site, which allows us to offer the fastest service,quality control and low cost that made us #1 in the industry.   Your 1st choice for small diameter silicon wafers! ....

suppliers of single crystal silicon wafers

Addison Engineering

Addison Engineering, Inc. San Jose, California, USA.
"Supplier of Prime, Test and Reclaim silicon wafers 2" to 300mm".

 Compart Technology

Compart Technology, Peterborough U.K.
"Suppliers of Prime Quality and Virgin Test Material, Compart Technology has been serving the semiconductor industry for over 25 years as a leading supplier of all types of silicon wafers." (also: 1", 2", 3") 

El-Cat, Inc

El-Cat, Inc;  80 Railroad Ave., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660, USA

El-Cat is a stocking distributor of semiconductor wafers and electronic materials, including Silicon - wafers, ingots, Epitaxial wafers; Compund (III-V) semiconductors - GaN, GaAs, GaP, GaSb, InAs, InP, InSb, and MOCVD Eptaxial wafers; Germanium - optical and semiconductor grades; SiC wafers - 4H-N, 6H-N; Moncrystalline substrates - Quartz, Sapphire, NdGaO3, ScMgAlO4; for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world.


We are supplying silicon , Glass, GaAs wafer to world around.

We are now sell the several kind of wafer as likes 2” to 12” to around world.
ElmaTech Co.Ltd
Phone : 82 2 508 3507
Fax : 82 2 508 3508
web :

Flina GmbH

Flina GmbH, Würzburg, Germany
CZ (3",4",5",6",8")

Kemi Wafers

Montco Silicon Technologies, INC

Montco Silicon Technologies, INC, Spring City, PA 19475, USA
"Montco Silicon Technologies, Inc. offers quality Semiconductor Silicon from 2" to 300mm and a full line of In-House services. With over 17 years of experience, MST can meet all of your Silicon Needs."

NOVA Electronic Materials, Inc

NOVA Electronic Materials, Inc., Flower Mound, TX,USA
If you are looking for silicon wafers, or silicon surplus, you have come to the right place.  In the national semiconductor world, NOVA is also tops in providing the processing services of all your silicon wafer needs.  We also offer cleanroom goods and consumables.  If you are in Texas, the Dallas semiconductor industry relies heavily on the silicon wafers it receives from NOVA Electronic Materials, Inc,......

Prime Wafers

Prime Wafers, Rotterdam, The Nederlands

Prime wafers is a semiconductor wafer supplier located on bank of the beautiful Maas river in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The technical team of Prime Wafers consists of experienced semiconductor researchers and engineers. All of us have worked for more than 10 years in IC, MEMS design and manufacturing. We are proud to work with well-known semiconductor wafer manufacturers to power european research institutes and companies with a large range of high quality, low cost semiconductor wafers

Our products include: Silicon wafers: CZ and FZ, 1 to 6 inch, as cut, lapped, etched, SSP, DSP, almost any orientation, off cut, very thin and very flat, high and low resistivity, etc. Sapphire wafers: 2 to 7 inch; A-plane, R-plane, M-plane, C-plane, epi-polish, fine ground, low TTV, etc.

Quality Silicon Quality Silicon, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Rogue Valley Microdevices

Rogue Valley Microdevices, USA
Rogue Valley Microdevices; 943 Automation Way, Suite F; Medford, OR 97504;

Phone: 541-774-1900; Fax: 541-774-1904

Semiconductor Wafer, Inc.

Semiconductor Wafer, Inc.  ,  Taiwan .
Your source for semiconductor materials in Asia Pacific area . CZ / FZ silicon wafer , prime / test wafer , DSP wafer , Epi wafer , and SOI
wafer  . Ge wafer , GaAs wafer , Quartz wafer , Sapphire wafer . Please keep SWI in mind , we can meet your semiconductor wafer needs !


SilChem Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Freiberg, Germany
09599 Freiberg, Am St. Nicklas-Schacht 2, (phone: 03731 6706 -0 ; fax -20)

Siegert Wafer

Siegert Wafer, Aachen, Germany;
....Our products include wafers of various materials and specifications. Although our core business is Silicon Wafers, we have also made a name as a supplier of other materials such as Fused Silica, Borofloat, Sapphire, SOI and III/V Materials.


Si-Mat SILICON MATERIALS,Landsberg, Germany
444a D-86899 Landsberg (phone : +49-(0)8191-47 87 47
fax: +49-(0)8191-96 91 08)

Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc

Silicon Valley Microelectronics, San Jose, California, USA
"..... Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc. (SVM) is in its 10th year as a leading distributor of Silicon Wafers and provider of wafer services for the semiconductor industry."

Silicon Inc.

Silicon Inc., Boise, Idaho, USA
"Silicon Wafers for the Semiconductor Industry from Silicon Inc. Silicon Inc. provides prime, test and reclaim silicon wafers in diameters from 1 inch to 12 inch. Our staff has over 30 years experience in the manufacture and sales of silicon wafers. "

Silicon Quest

Silicon Quest International   San Jose, California, USA
Provider of silicon wafers. We polish, cut down and oxidize wafers.

Silicon Wafer Enterprises

Silicon Wafer Enterprises , El Dorado Hills, California, USA
We provide 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" and 300 mm prime, test, reclaim and mechanical grade wafers.

Silrec Corporation

Silrec Corporation San Jose, California, USA
"SEMI standard Test thru prime grade wafers is our business.  We offer diameters of 3" thru 300mm."

University Wafers

University Wafers , South Boston, Massachusettes, USA
1" - 12" Silicon and other crystals.


WaferNet, San Jose, CA 95131
WaferNet Inc. was established in January 1988 as a top distributor of Silicon Products to the Semiconductor Industry.  Our headquarter is located in San Jose, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are one of the leading silicon wafer supplier to the semiconductor industry around the globe providing Si wafers to universities and research and development companies. Wafernet is the top-notch Semiconductor service provider serving customer’s requirements from our widespread inventory. We have a well developed network of service suppliers and wafer manufacturers. We offer Silicon Prime and Silicon Test Wafers, in all diameters including 100mm and 300mm. WaferNet utilizes exclusive industry alliances to produce silicon wafers in a wide range of grades and specifications. Our other quality tested products are P-type, N-type, Thermal oxide and 2 sides polished silicon wafers etc. Beside silicon wafers we also manufacture and trade glass, sapphire and quartz products.

Welding Group

Welding Group, Estonia
The silicon rods offered by Welding Group have been produced for military purposes in different pure metal factories in former Soviet Union."


West European Silicon Technologies B.V. (WESTEC) provides silicon wafer reclaim and polishing services for 100 to 300 mm silicon wafers. Used test wafers and production rejects are stripped of any layers (if required), polished and cleaned for re-use by fabs, equipment manufacturers, universities and other parties using silicon wafers, e.g. MEMS producers. Westec is also your partner for test wafers

Soitec - " The leading supplier of SOI wafers and other engineered substrates"


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